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eTOUR Ålesund Panorama


The Fjellstua mountain lodge on Aksla ridge

In order to get a proper view of the beautiful city on the sea, you need to climb up high. The tour leads through the city and up to the Fjellstua mountain lodge on the Aksla ridge, from where you can enjoy the breathtaking vista of the city of Ålesund and its archipelago.

 Start and return: Storneskaia quay
Duration of trip: 1 hour
Price: NOK 800

eTOUR Ålesund Highlights


Fjellstua mountain lodge on Aksla ridge, Borgundgavlen and Atlanterhavsparken

This tour will give you a thorough introduction to Ålesund and its surroundings. The tour includes three main stops. First, the route leads uphill to the vantage point on Aksla ridge. Then we proceed inland towards Borgundgavlen park for a relaxing breather that allows you to enjoy the serene air of history that fills this area. Thus refreshed, we head back out towards the Atlantic Ocean for a view of the other side of Ålesund.

 Start and return: Storneskaia quay
Duration of trip: 2 hours
Price: NOK 1500



With a personal guide

Maybe you and your group would like a different experience together? Visit a VIP trip with us, and we facilitate a fun Twizy experience with a personal guide. Contact us for more information!